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KS 2.5mm x 300mm Solid Brass Rod 4 9864 Hobbylinc

This is a package of four 2.5 x 300mm Round Brass Rods from K and S.

Nonferrous Metals Weight Calculator Sequoia Brass and Copper

Step 1: Choose an Alloy, Type and Shape: middot Step 2: Choose Length and number of pieces:.

Brass Rod Product Information Mueller Brass

UNS Designation, Name, Cu, Pb, Zn, Fe, T.O.E.. C34500, Thread Rolling Brass, 62.0 65.0, 1.50 2.50, 34.5 nom , 0.15 max , 0.40 max .

K and S Precision Metals Brass Rod 2.5mm x 1000mm Qty 1

K and S precision metals is synonymous with the hobby industry, scale builders and hobbyists. Brass stock round rod comes in various sizes and can be used in

ha1672.5 tin bronze rod Changshan copper aluminium and alloy

Results 1 6 of 6 0183 and 32Leaded Commercial Bronze NickelBearing 87.5 90.5 8 1.3 2.5 Rem 0.10 0.04 0.10 0.7 Ni 1.2 Ni active C32000 Leaded Red Brass 83.5

copper ha1672.5 taiwan Ristorante La Lupa

Aluminium Aluminium Rod/Bar Copper Brass Series gt copper hsn610.5 taiwan Printed Circuit Board Recycling Methods US EPA. copper ha167 2.5 canada.

ha1672.5 beryllium cobalt copper

Aluminium Aluminium Rod/Bar. Copper Sheet/Plate Copper Brass Series Copper/Cobalt/Beryllium rod, Cu 97/Co 2.55/Be 0.5, 28 mm.

c19400 brass rod Changyun Copper Product C19400 Alloy. Chemical Composition. Measured at room temperature, 68 176F 20 176C . Fatigue Strength: 100 x 106 cycles, unless indi ed as N x 106